The Ecig Recharging Case – Fast, Reliable, and Easy

The ecig recharging case is an amazing accessory to have along with your ecig.  This case, known as the PCC, will charge your ecig battery on the go… away from power or any plugs.  Talk about ecig freedom!

All you do is charge the e cig recharging case and it stays charged all day.  Once your e cigarette battery runs out, just plug the battery in the case and it starts to charge.  This case never leaves you without your ecigarette.  All day use without restrictions.

How many times have you not taken a puff on your e-cigarette because you’re afraid to run your power out?  We all have.  This electronic cig case eliminates this problem giving you e cigarette freedom like never before.

The Ecig Personal Charging Case Known as the PCC

An Ecig Personal Charging Case otherwise known as PCC is a small portable ecig charger that you can take with you while away from your home to charge your electronic cigarette whenever it’s needed.

This is a very useful e cigarette accessory when you are using an e cig with a small battery that has a short life. Some of the smaller electronic cig batteries only have a useful life of 2 hours before it needs charging. In this case you would want to have a personal charging case to keep your e-cig topped off in working order.

Top Ecig Cases

Here are some tips on finding the top ecig case for your smoking needs.

First, don’t buy a ecig case based on how it can hold all your batteries and cartridges in one place as the primary need.  There are more important things to the ecig case that you need to consider discussed below.

Second, your e cigarette recharging case needs to hold at least one battery in addition to the one used on your ecig.

Third, the most important thing is that your ecigarette carrying case must be, is rechargeable.  The case itself needs to have it own ability to charge up and then be used as a portable device that will charge up your electronic cigarette batteries while on the go away from any electricity.

The better the e cig case, the more time it can recharge your e-cig battery.  A good range is for a case to recharge up to 4 batteries when fully charged.

I need this number will also vary depending on the size of your e-cigarette battery.  Naturally the large ones will require more juice to charge up then the smaller ones.

And lastly, style and looks of the e cig case should not be important to you.  Recharging your e cigarette should be your primary goal if you want to find the top case.